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Your opinions matter

We may have contacted you to invite you to take part in some market research. Your views and opinions are important to us and we hope the information below will answer the queries you may have.

What is Market Research?

Companies often wish to get feedback on their products and services from current, past or potential customers on things such as advertising campaigns, packaging designs or more general consumer attitudes.

They may also wish to gauge public opinion before launching or making changes to products and services. In order to achieve this they usually appoint a specialist market research fieldwork agency like ourselves to carry out the research on their behalf. We are in direct contact with a wide cross-section of people who are willing to share their views and enjoy giving their opinions on various subject matters.

We may have called you or emailed you to see if you would be interested in taking part in some research.

You will then be invited to attend a group discussion or answer questions by phone or take part in online research. Before we invite you to participate in the research, we will usually need to verify your details and may require a bit more information about you, such as your age or the job you do, to ensure we get a good cross-section of participants.

If you choose to take part, we hope you will enjoy participating in our research projects. You may also receive a financial incentive as a thank you for your time and contribution to the research project.

Who is Ardent?

Ardent is an independent market research agency. We invite thousands of consumers and businesses every year to take part in various types of research (for example telephone interviews, depth interviews, focus groups, online research) on a wide variety of topics.

You can verify that we are a genuine market research agency by calling the Market Research Society on Freephone 0800 957 9596.

Why have you been contacted?

We may have got in touch with you because you are a customer, previous customer or someone who has engaged with one of our clients and you have provided them with your details.

This means that we may contact people who are registered with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or if their phone number is ex-directory. Alternatively, you may already be on our database or on a mailing list that is targeted towards a specific project we are working on. We apologise if you received our call or email in error.

Market research does not involve selling to the general public and is therefore not regulated by the Telephone Preference Service (TPS).

Privacy policy

Any details we hold about you are data protected and will not be passed to any other organisations for selling or marketing purposes. Ardent is a member of the Market Research Society Company Partnership Scheme and we are bound by their Code of Conduct. Should you wish to, you can visit the Market Research Society website at

Now what?

If you would prefer us not to call you again, please email us at stating your full name, telephone number
and postcode.

Alternatively if you are happy to take part in research,
please call us on 020 3371 1467